Shankari Raj, Nudge Group
Shankari Raj
Nudge Group

Shankari Raj, known to most as Shanks, is peerless within her generation, as a leading architect, teacher and agitator. Shankari Raj has been trying to make the world a better place through architectural design since she founded her practice Nudge. Enhancing and empowering social change is at the forefront of the design across Nudge’s portfolio, encompassing a people centred, curatorial approach. She was born in Srilanka and grown up in Nigeria, Oman, Toronto and London before settling in Bristol. In 2021 she won the prestigious award of 40 Under 40 by the Architects Journal. Over the last decade Shanks has consistently focused on and engaged with community-based projects, helping cultivate them from the ground up. Her aim being to develop and deliver better places for people, which are safe, occupied and beautiful. As such the philosophy of Nudge is guided by the concept of collaboration and co-design, which recognises that the spirit of a space is always shaped by the people who use it. In this, the aspects which make a space thrive are grounded with the people, identity, community and the locality. Often working with limited budgets on temporary use projects for community organisations, Shanks has a skill in stretching available funds, roping in volunteers, and collaborating with University students to make maximum impact to benefit the community.