Wolfgang Buttress, Wolfgang Buttress Studio
Wolfgang Buttress
Wolfgang Buttress Studio

Artist Wolfgang Buttress creates multi-sensory artworks that draw inspiration from our evolving relationship with the ‘natural’ world. He explores and interprets scientific discoveries, collaborating with architects, landscape architects, scientists and musicians to create human-centered experiences.

Wolfgang has produced artworks on four continents including Europe, Australia, Japan and the U.S. He is well known for the UK Pavilion (Milan EXPO 2015) and The Hive, a collaboration with physicist Dr Martin Bencsik, BDP, Hoare Lea and Simmonds Studio which expresses the life of a bee hive in real time through form, sound and light.

The Hive is now permanently installed at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, England, the project has won 27 national and international awards including gold medal for best in show at World EXPO 2015. Current projects include sculptures in Taiwan, U.S, Australia and United Kingdom.